Monthly Standard International Trade Classification (SITC)

The SITC, short for Standard International Trade Classification, is a system created by the United Nations (UN) to help track international trade. It enables comparisons of trade statistics between countries for goods and manufactured products. Like the Harmonized System, the SITC uses a standardized coding system to organize traded items. What sets it apart from the Harmonized System is that it focuses on what a product does and how it contributes to the economy rather than just what it's made of. The United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) is in charge of updating and managing these classifications.

The SITC divides products into Sections, which are further detailed into Divisions and Groups for more specific classification.

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Last Updated November 21, 2023, 22:00 (AST)
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Level of Detail (Geographical) Country level only
Level of Detail (Temporal) Monthly
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