This website serves as a portal to access all data from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and it's agencies. You can download data files or use the CKAN data access API. Please let us know what apps you developed or what you have used our data to do.


Open Data

Open data is the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. The goals of the open data movement are similar to those of other "Open" movements such as open source, open hardware, open content, and open access. The philosophy behind open data has been long established (for example in the Mertonian tradition of science), but the term "open data" itself is recent, gaining popularity with the rise of the Internet and World Wide Web and, especially, with the launch of open-data government initiatives such as and


The CKAN Platform

The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) is a web-based open source data management system for the storage and distribution of data, such as spreadsheets and the contents of databases. It is inspired by the package management capabilities common to open source operating systems like Linux, and is intended to be the "apt-get of Debian for data".

CKAN's code base is maintained by the Open Knowledge Foundation. The system is used both as a public platform on Datahub and in various government data catalogues, such as the UK's, the Dutch National Data Register, the United States government's and the Australian government's "Gov 2.0". The state government of South Australia also makes government data freely available to the public on the CKAN platform.


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