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  • European Union Departures January 2014 - September 2023

    The dataset provides detailed statistics on departures to European Union countries from Trinidad and Tobago from January 2014 to September 2023. The data is organized into...
  • Cruise Ship Arrivals January 2011 - April 2024

    The dataset provides detailed statistics on cruise ship arrivals to Trinidad from January 2011 to April 2024. The data is organized into a single sheet with monthly arrival data...
  • National Women's Health Survey for Trinidad and Tobago

    This report shares important findings from a major survey conducted in Trinidad and Tobago about violence against women. The survey, known as the Trinidad and Tobago Women's...
  • Crime Rate

    This dataset contains links to: Total Crime by Offence Comparative Report TTPS Crime Comparison Year by Month Total Crime by Month Total Crime by Division
  • Health Facilities in Trinidad and Tobago

    The number of health facilities in Trinidad and Tobago by Regional Health Authority and Type of Facility.
  • Prevalence of Undernourishment

    The prevalence of the population whose habitual food consumption is insufficient to provide the dietary energy levels required to maintain an everyday active and healthy life....
  • Prevalence of Moderate and Severe Food Insecurity

    The prevalence of moderate or severe food insecurity in the population is based on the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES). The FIES is an experience-based measure of...
  • Homicide Rate

    This dataset contains murders reported and detected by various police divisions.
  • Prison Population

    This dataset contains the number of males and females committed to prison by type of committal and penal imprisonment. Committal may refer to a person's formal charging or...
  • Education Statistics Digest

    The 2019/2020 Education Statistics Digest presents statistical information on Trinidad and Tobago's formal education for 2019/2020. This includes information on educational...
  • Mid-Year Population Estimate by Age and Sex

    The latest annual mid–year population estimates for Trinidad and Tobago are based on results from the latest Census of Population 2011 and provide estimates by sex and 5-year...
  • Adolescent Birth Rates

    The number of births by adolescent women from 2012 to 2018. Adolescence is the life phase between childhood and adulthood, from ages 10 to 19.
  • Deaths by Age and Sex

    The number of deaths by age and sex from 2012 to 2018. Death refers to when a person shows no signs of life at any time after they were born.
  • Live Births by Sex

    The number of live births by sex for 2012 to 2018. A live birth is the birth of a child who showed any sign of life; the number of live births refers to the number of births...
  • Infant Mortality Rate

    The number of infants dying under one (1) year per 1,000 live births from 2012 to 2018.
  • Marriages by Age Group of Bride and Groom

    The dataset contains the number of marriages categorized by the age groups of both the bride and the groom. Each record represents a combination of age groups for the bride and...
  • Demographic Profile

    Civil registration is a key part of understanding a population's characteristics. It collects information about major life events, such as births, deaths, marriages, and...
  • Deaths by Sex

    The number of deaths by sex for 2012 to 2018. Death is the permanent disappearance of all evidence of life at any time after live birth.
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