TTWiFi Project Live Sites


The CSV contains a list of the project sites delivered under the TTWiFi project. The file has six (6) attributes Type, Name, Address, Island, Live Date, and Last Updated with one hundred and thirty five (135) observations/records.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Island text Island

The island forms part of the location data of the site. The island can be Trinidad or Tobago.

Administrative Area text Administrative Area

An administrative area is a geographic region defined by a particular governmental or administrative authority and used for governance, jurisdiction, or management.

Community text Community

An administrative area is divided into smaller units called communities. A community can be defined by geographical boundaries, such as a neighbourhood, town, or city, and they can be large or small.

Type text Site Category

The Type is a category based on the location where the service is provided. For example, the Type value can be Library, Primary School, Transport Hub, or Health Institution.

Site text Site

This field represents the official name of the physical location where TTWiFi services are provided or where the institution is based. It includes healthcare facilities, educational institutions, libraries, and transportation hubs. The Site indicates places where public or community services are accessible to the population.

Address text Address

The local address of the location but not in the S42 addressing format.

Live Date timestamp Live Date

The date on which the TTWiFi service at the site became live or was made available to the public for use in a standard date format (YYYY-MM-DD).

Latitude numeric Latitude

The latitude is the numerical value that represents the north-south position of the location and the first number in the GPS pair of coordinates.

Longitude numeric Longitude

The longitude is the numerical value that represents the east-west position of the location and the second number in the GPS pair of coordinates.

GPS Coordinates text GPS Coordinates

A set of numerical values, i.e., Latitude and Longitude, represents a specific location on the Earth's surface, as determined by the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Google Maps/Waze Location text Google Maps/Waze Location

This field contains the URL to the location on map services such as Google Maps or Waze. It provides a direct link to the geographical coordinates, routing information, and potentially additional location details such as operating hours and contact information. Users can access the map view, get directions, and understand the location context by clicking the link.

Last Updated timestamp Last Updated

The date that the respective record was updated in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

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