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The CSV lists the current AccessTT locations that provide underserved or ICT-excluded communities with a world of opportunities through access to ICT devices and the internet, delivered under the Access Center project as of 27 January 2023. In addition, the file contains ten (10) attributes: Centre, Latitude, Longitude, Google Map Location, Address, Services Offered, Work Days, Opening Hours, Status, and Last Updated, as well as thirteen (13) observations/ rows of data.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Centre text Centre

The name of the community ICT Access Centre.

Latitude numeric Latitude

The latitude is the numerical value that represents the north-south position of the location and the first number in the GPS pair of coordinates.

Longitude numeric Longitude

The longitude is the numerical value that represents the east-west position of the location and the second number in the GPS pair of coordinates.

Google Map Location text Google Maps/Waze Location

A set of geographical coordinates that represent a specific location on the Earth's surface, as identified and displayed by the Google Maps/Waze Location service.

Address text Address

The local address of the location but not in the S42 addressing format.

Services Offered text Services Offered

The range of services and resources provided to users by the ICT Access centres for the purpose of enhancing their digital literacy, access to information and communication technologies, and participation in the digital economy.

Work Days text Work Days

The days of the week that the ICT Access Centres are expected to open for the available staff to provide services and support to users. The ICT Access Centres’ operational schedule is inclusive from Monday to Saturday. The workdays do not state the public holidays or any special or unforeseen events that will close the Centre.

Opening Hours text Opening and Closing Hours

The period during which the ICT Access Centres are open and available to users for accessing information and communication technologies, training, and support. The opening and closing time is 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Status text Status

The current operational status of the ICT Access Centre indicates whether it is available and functioning correctly or experiencing issues or downtime. The status can be "Operational", "Not Operational," or "Commissioned". Operational means the Centre is open to the public. Not Operational means the Centre is equipped and will open soon. Commissioned means the Access Centre has been launched but has yet to be ceded to the Village Council.

Last Updated timestamp Last Updated

The date in the format yyyy-mm-dd that the respective record was updated.

Additional Information

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Created January 31, 2023
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